Joe & Paula

“My sister, Sherry, has been a regular attendee on the many tours and excursions that Tulip Travel offers. Tulip Travel, time and time again offers my wife and I a great opportunity to include Sherry on their exclusive all inclusive supervised vacations for adults with developmental disabilities.  Sherry lives for these excursions each year.  It is a wonderful experience to go thru the many offerings detailed in their trip brochure each year as Sherry decides where she wants to go this year!  She returns from each trip so delighted.  Tulip Travel is consistently “on the mark” considering the multitude of possible problems that could arise each step of the way. Their thorough planning, friendly staff and ease of communication for any possible matter are first rate.  We can always be assured that Sherry will be well taken care of when entrusted to the Tulip Travel team.  We highly recommend Tulip Travel.”