Dear Traveler(s),
I hope this email finds you well and safe and again, hereby I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our travelers, family members, staff and supporters for their understanding and patience during the pandemic. We have been working hard to get back up and running and are excited to announce that we have our team back. Thank you Christine and Annette! You are our Rock Stars!!!!
The first two trips of 2021 have been a success! We were so excited to see our customers enjoying their trips after the long “covid break”.
We did have to implement some changes due to the pandemic that affected some of the service(s) that you are accustomed to. All travelers are required to wear a face mask covering their mouth and nose. In addition, all our travelers will need to have their vaccination completed prior to their trip. A vaccination record is required and need to be brought to the office prior or on the date of the trip. We also do temperature checks prior to check in. If you have an elevated temperature please do NOT come to our office on the day of your scheduled vacation. You will receive a full credit towards a different trip of your choice.
Starting immediately we are going digital with our photo albums. Travelers will now have the opportunity to pick the photos of their trip(s) from a shared album. After your pictures are uploaded you will receive an email with a link to your vacation pictures. Make sure the email address you have used to sign up, or filled-out on the customer profile are current. Not only can you order pictures but also many other products like calendars, photo books, blankets etc. etc.
It has also come to my attention that many of our customers have requested wheelchair transportation/use on their trip or part of their trip.With the 1:4 staff to customer ratio it has become almost impossible to accommodate all travelers that need this assistance on their trip. Starting November 1st, 2021, travelers that need this service will incur a “1 on 1” service charge in addition to their vacation cost (the total charge depends on the vacation destination). Please note that here will be limited availability on each trip and accommodations will need to be made well in advance.
Again, we are very excited to be traveling again. We apologize for some of the changes that we had to make in order to continue our services. Safety and fun – in that order – has made us to where we are today! We hope to see you soon on your next vacation!
Leo deRuijter
Tulip Travel, Inc.