May 20, 2020

My Trip date is coming up, what will happen?
At this time we will not have your trip on the advertised date in our brochure. We will plan your trip for a later date. 
How do I know when that later date is?
All travelers will get at least a 4 weeks notice prior to the rescheduled trip date. You will receive a phone call from our tour director, as well as a new itinerary for your trip mailed to your residence.
Do I have to sign up again for the rescheduled date?
All travelers that were already registered for the trip of their choice do not have to register. You are automatically enrolled into the rescheduled trip.
What about your sporting events trips?
At this time there are no professional sports being played allowing spectators. Those travelers that are registered for either our NASCAR, YANKEES or BILLS will be automatically enrolled in that trip when their governing bodies allow us to attend and attending is safe.
What if the new date of my trip does not work for me?
If the date of the rescheduled trip is in conflict with other plans you may have, Tulip Travel will apply the amount you paid for that trip as a credit towards any Tulip Travel trip. No cancellation fee will be charged.
When will trips resume?
We wish we could look in a crystal ball and give you an answer. Some states are carefully opening up and assessments are made every two weeks (Phase 1 in New York). As a travel company we are also monitoring closely these assessments in the areas and venues we travel to. Travel and recreation is currently scheduled to “re-open” in phase 4 and this could mean late summer or early fall. Again, it is hard to predict when we can resume our trips. We appreciate your patience and try to keep you updated as much as we can.
What safety measures will be in place when trips resume?
A Covid-19 safety plan will be in place for when we re-open. All our travelers will get a copy of the plan. Social distancing, face masks, van-cleaning and temperature checks might be included. We are still working on this plan and will be sharing it with all travelers, families and staff when completed.
Can I still sign up for trips at this time?
Absolutely! Not only can you sign up for trips that are currently advertised in the 2020 brochure but also for those trips that had to be postponed because of the Covid -19 pandemic. This means that we still take applications for: Spring Training in Sunny Florida ’21, Chicago by Rail, TBD ’20, Washington DC, TBD ’20, Nashville, TBD ’20, Ladies Only, September 23-25 ’20, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame TBD ’20, Yankees, TBD, ’21, Elvis Week in Lake George, TBD ’21, Ocean City, MD TBD ’20, Hershey, TBD ’20, NASCAR Poconos, TBD ’21, PA DUTCH, TBD ’20 – We will continue to update this list as time passes and we have more information on the reopening of the facilities we utilize at our vacation destinations.
Once again, I would like to thank all of you for your patience and hope you are doing well.
Leo de Ruijter
Tulip Travel

May 1, 2020
COVID-19 & YOUR TRIP (Part.2)
The COVID-19 pandemic is still affecting all of us across the country. As some states are carefully phasing in reopening of businesses, the travel industry is unfortunately not ready yet. It still is a very challenging time for businesses around the globe. The health, safety and well-being of all our customers, employees, their families and friends remains our top priority. We will continue to follow guidelines set by the CDC, the Department of Health and our Governor before resuming our travels.  At this time our office remains closed
Once again, none of our trips are canceled (see the April 14 update for more info on that subject). All the trips as outlined in the 2020 brochure will take place at some point. Travelers, their families and/or staff will receive written notice of the rescheduled trip dates at least 4 weeks prior to the trip. In order to reschedule we have to monitor the Covid-19 pandemic in the state of that particular trip. Attractions, lodging, restaurants and transportation restrictions will have to be lifted in the state of travel before we can reschedule your trip. Once we can resume travel Tulip Travel will enforce guidelines set by the CDC on all their trips (disinfect vans, provide face coverings for all travelers, monitoring of symptoms prior to- and during the trip and social distancing guidelines).  
Trips that have been rescheduled at this time are: Ladies Only (originally planned April 22-24) now September 23-25, 2020. Dude Ranch (originally planned April 29-May ) now October 28-30. Again, these dates are tentative as we continue to monitor and follow the guidelines of the authorities in the areas of travel. There are no other rescheduled trip dates at this time. 
To stay up to date on the COVID-19 pandemic in regards to travel you can visit
Despite the many difficulties we all face, I’d like to re-assure you that Tulip Travel remains fully committed during this difficult time, and on behalf of the team, wish you well.  
Leo de Ruijter

April 14, 2020
COVID-19 & YOUR TRIP…… What will happen?
The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all of us. It is a very challenging time for people and businesses around the globe. The health, safety and well-being of all our customers, employees, their families and friends remains our top priority. At Tulip Travel we are committed to following guidelines set by the CDC. Our office remains closed. Our employees are home with their families and so far all are healthy and safe. Remember to practice social distancing guidelines daily as it has proven it will slow down “the curve”. Our hearts are with those who have been affected personally by the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as the many communities around the world that are facing extreme measures in the attempt to slow its spread.
For 23 years, we have been honored by the trust you place in us planning your trips and vacations. In today’s challenging environment, we want to provide you some information and transparency as to how we are securing our business and what this will mean for you and the trip(s) you might have registered for.
First of all, none of our trips are canceled. All the trips will happen. The dollar amounts paid (deposits) towards your trip will be used for a credit towards that trip (on the new date). In the event that a trip has to be postponed (because of a canceled event (shows, festivals, races, etc) or season (MLB, NFL) your deposit will be automatically transferred for that trip in 2021. We will follow guidelines of the appropriate authorities In regards to the safety of travel and continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in the affected travel destinations. We feel that by following these guidelines and implementing these policies, Tulip Travel can continue to provide the services loved by our travelers.
To stay up to date on the COVID-19 pandemic in regards to travel you can visit https://
Despite the many difficulties we all face, I’d like to re-assure you that Tulip Travel remains fully committed to our travelers and their safety.
Leo de Ruijter
Tulip-Travel, Inc
(315) 461-4852