The following COVID-19 policies and procedures will be in place once we resume our trips.

At Check-In:
1. All travelers will need to bring proof of vaccination when checking in.
2. Face masks must be worn as much as possible.
3. Hand sanitizer will be available at check in.
4. Digital temperature check upon arrival.
During your trip:
1. Temperature checks will be done in AM
2. Face masks are encouraged
3. Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the day.
4. We will try to avoid large crowds when possible.
In case of COVID symptoms:
1. If a traveler shows any COVID related symptoms (Fever, cough or any other symptoms) we will use local healthcare professionals for diagnosis and for treatment.
    In case a traveler needs to be transported home it will be the travelers responsibility to arrange transportation.  In case of exposure all travelers and their families
    or staff will be notified. As more and more people are being vaccinated the risks of a vaccinated individual contracting the virus are very small.